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Customer Reviews

Rick, I want to say thank you once again for helping me get my 8(a).  I am now in year 6 of the program and my company has grown tremendously.  I want you to know that getting my 8(a) was one of the best things I ever did to set myself apart from my competitors and succeed in the Federal contracting sector -- so thank you!
            - Vickie Marino, KenMar General Contracting

Thanks to PCS for the great job getting us Certified. They simplified a long, tedious process and we got certification in a stress-free way. They provided great service, were reliable and were genuinely concerned with helping us achieve our business goals.
            - Nishi & Richard Carlson, Pacific Weather

With Rick’s help. I got my 8(a) certification quickly, and within 30 days of getting it I won a contract that netted  $230,000 in profit.  That's a great return on investment! Highly recommended!
            -Joe. G.

Once I got my 8(a) using your services, I finally found the business success I wanted.  I went from struggling to make ends meet to over $20 Million a year in revenue.  Thank you!.
             -Chris T.

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