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Proposal Services

We write proposals. GSA proposals, proposals for small business programs like STARS, OASIS, and Seaport-E, proposals for GWACs and MATOCs.
Call 803-275-0663 for more info and a free consultation

Get a GSA Contract: Make it easy for the Government to give you contracts. Get on the GSA Schedule. The government is spending more and more money through GSA schedules because it's easier for them to do business that way. If you have a GSA schedule, it's easier for them to spend money with you!
We can help you win a GSA contract that will,

  • Increase your revenues and profits

  • Eliminate massive proposals

  • Reduce competition

  • Have a 5 - 20 year performance period   

  • Give you access to every Government buyer everywhere  

A GSA Schedule is the best proposal investment you can make!

Our proposal services include: 

  • Gather information for preparation of GSA Schedule proposal

  • Preparation of complete proposal meeting all applicable RFP requirements

  • Finalizing and submitting your proposal to GSA

Our negotiation services include: 

  • Assisting our clients in answering any GSA-related questions

  • Providing GSA with any additional information

  • Negotiating GSA Schedule Contract terms, conditions and prices

  • Clarify financial questions regarding your proposal

  • Prepare and submit proposal revisions as requested by GSA

  • Notifying you of your GSA Schedule Contract award

  • Submit the award package to you

Our award and post-award services include: 

  • Price list preparation for distribution.

  • Posting the price list to GSA Advantage.

GSA proposal services start as low as $4,000.00. Price list preparation plus GSA Advantage posting of price list is $1,400. Contact us for a free quote.

Sample Proposal Documents
Visit to purchase sample proposal documents such as the Professional Employee Compensation Plan.

Other Proposal Services  
Proposal Review Services:   For a flat fee we will review the solicitation requirements and compare that to your written proposal to make sure your proposal is responsive.  Are you providing all of the required information? Are the “i”s dotted and “t”s crossed? Are the forms completed correctly? (Note this does not include a determination on the technical merit of your proposal.) $1,200.00 per review.

Proposal Writing Services
We provide consulting on an hourly basis to help you put together your winning proposal! $150.00 per hour.

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