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8(a) Certification Services  

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8(a) Certification is like striking oil -- it provides tremendous opportunities for increased revenues and profits. It opens doors and provides opportunities like sole source awards, set asides, & preferential treatment in contracting.



We offer services for every need and every budget -- from the "do-it yourselfer" who wants to tackle the job on their own to the person who wants us to prepare the complete application for them.  Our 8(a) services include the following:


  • Be sure you qualify before you apply! Give us a call at 803-275-0663.  If you prefer, you can email us at

  • Scroll down to check out our 8(a) Frequently Asked Questions.  Don't see the answer you need.  Please email me your question at



  • This is the most popular service we offer, where we handle the complete application for you from start to finish.   Price is $6,500.00.



  • Narrative Statement of Social Disadvantage. All applicants for 8(a) Certification must provide a Narrative Statement of Social Disadvantage to verify they qualify as socially disadvantaged.  $1,800.

  • If you have not been in business for at least two years a Length-of-Time in Business waiver will be needed. $1,500.00 


  • Professional review and comment service. We review and comment on your self prepared 8(a) application. This service streamlines your application process by providing valuable insight into what SBA will be looking for. $700.00) 


Call 803-275-0663 to discuss how we can work with you.



Over the years, I have answered thousands of questions about the 8(a) program.  Find the answers to the common questions here!

Question: Will there be an issue if the business has not made a profit or if they do not currently have clients?
Answer: Yes to both questions. One of SBA's requirements for 8(a) certification is that the business has to have a a substantial likelihood of success.  Profitability is something they look at in determining likelihood of success.   They also look at the number of clients; ideally you would have more than one client with no single client accounting for more than 70% of your revenue.

Question: The owner is currently the only employee, and works full time outside the business. Will being employed be an issue?  If it is an issue, can it be waived?
Answer:  It will be a problem, and there is no waiver for this. To qualify for 8(a), the applicant (i.e., the socially disadvantaged person who owns at least 51% of the business) must be dedicated full time to the success of the business.  SBA interprets this to mean that you must be working in your business during normal operating hours, which typically means they can't hold another job.  Divided interest hinders the success of the applicant firm, plus the applicant can't control the business if they aren't there. This can't be waived.

Question: Do I have to submit a business plan with the application?
Answer: No - a business plan is not required as part of the application.  When you are approved into the 8(a) program, you will at that time be required by SBA to submit an 8(a) Business Plan.



Rick, I want to say thank you once again for helping me get my 8(a).  I am now in year 6 of the program and my company has grown tremendously.  I want you to know that getting my 8(a) was one of the best things I ever did to set myself apart from my competitors and succeed in the Federal contracting sector -- so thank you!
           - Vickie Marino,
             KenMar General 

"With Rick’s help. I got my 8(a) certification quickly, and within 30 days of getting it I won a contract that netted  $230,000 in profit.  That's a great return on investment! Highly recommended!"
                           -Joe. G.

"Once I got my 8(a) using your services, I finally found the business success I wanted.  I went from struggling to make ends meet to over $20 Million a year in revenue."  Thank you!."
                           -Chris T.

Call 803-275-0663 for more info about any of the above.

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