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Winning Government Contracts University

WGCU will prepare you to grow your business in the Government sector and help you in other areas of your business as well.  Sign up and get a free week, and cancel anytime if it isn't what you need.  Here is a free sample class to give you an idea of what to expect.

Government Building

Sample Class
Defining the Market and Finding Opportunities

This is the 10th class in the Introduction to Winning Government Contracts Seminar.  I chose this class to offer as a free sample because in it we share an extremely valuable tip on how to get a meeting with Government decision makers (Starts at about 20:20 of the video), and how to introduce yourself, your company and your products and services to them successfully.  We have seen our clients leave these meetings with contract awards in hand.  We recently added a stand alone class on this topic titled "Conducting a Capabilities Briefing" that goes into much more detail; this one class cold be a key to your success.  Subscribe to WGCU today to get access to our expanding library of practical training on how tio Win Government Contracts. 

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